The Dead Drop

We are going to hide 10 different metal containers around nyc. Some of them will be easy to find and have smaller prizes. As they increase in $$$ they will increase in difficulty to find.

About Civ_Grp

Civ_grp is an exclusive community where you will learn skills and mindset from special operations and intelligence professionals over a weekend ending in a simulated mission to put your new skills to the test. You will learn hard skills like surveillance detection and hand to hand combat, as well as soft skills like leadership and communication. Making you more effective and confident in your day to day by showing yourself what you are actually capable of. Civ grp is a one of a kind experience built for teams looking to level up. As wells as individuals who want to keep sharp and join a community looking for their next adventure. Our goal is to build a community of strong willed people who have the skills and grit to take on the hard challenges. We also support our armed forces and look to provide a soft landing via hiring and donations to those who give so much for us. Not enough people understand our military and we aim to help change that for the better.