Private Adventure And Training


You are busy and may not have time to come to one of our safe houses. If that is the case we can come to you and set up almost any scenario that you want.

Each of the private training sessions with missions custom down to the very last detail based on your dream scenario. We can set up almost anywhere that the law allows, including private homes, ranches, yachts or charters, islands, etc. We will base what we can do on the location.

Some items will have extra costs associated and these will be decided after the initial payment.



During the Cold War SF teams routinely trained and planned to parachute behind enemy lines with the SADM to destroy bridges, collapse tunnels, and block roads to slow down the enemy in the event that World War III kicked off. With certain foreign powers deciding to get froggy in recent years, the program was resurrected.

12 hours ago when the SF team jumped with the SADM devices, the entire team was ambushed at their drop zone in a remote part of a national forest. One team member is missing and presumed captured. The bodies of the other 11 team members were found dead, some of them tortured. Activating the SADM requires a two-factor authentication of sorts, half the team has one half of the code while the other half knows the second part. Whoever did this clearly knew that.

You will:

After two days of military style civilian training by Special Operations veterans and retired CIA personnel learning the tricks of the trade, you will then be tasked with completing a full-blown training scenario in upstate New York.

After terrorists ambush a U.S. Special Forces team and steal a secret weapon they were training with, you and your teammates are tasked with tracking it down, disarming, and recovering the device. Not to mention eliminating whatever threats you encounter between you and it.

Some items you may accomplish:

Develop sources, convince them to work with youRun counter-surveillance to ensure you are not followedGather intelligence to get the full pictureRaid the terrorist hideoutPlus a lot more…

No two experiences are quite the same as you may find yourself hitting dead drop locations, conducting a surreptitious entry, or tasked with taking out a high value target.

Whatever challenges are thrown at you, all of them will lead you towards the terrorists and the stolen device, where you and your team will have a final showdown as the numbers begin ticking down to doomsday.

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