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ABOUT: The main goal of CIV_GRP is to make your learning experience the most enjoyable you’ve ever had. It’s the same story this weekend. You and/or your team will be put to the test as we show you practical skills that you can use every day as well as skills that are useful to have in case of crises.

DURATION: Friday to Sunday

Weekends Available: July: 20th – 23rd (Sold Out), August: 11th – 13th, Sept: 14th -17th

MISSION BRIEF: During the Cold War SF teams routinely trained and planned to parachute behind enemy lines with the SADM (backpack nukes) to destroy bridges, collapse tunnels, and block roads to slow down the enemy in the event that World War III kicked off. With certain foreign powers deciding to get froggy in recent years, the program was resurrected.

12 hours ago when the Special Forces team jumped with the nuclear devices, the entire team was ambushed at their drop zone in a remote part of a national forest. One team member is missing and presumed captured. The bodies of the other 11 team members were found dead, some of them tortured.

Activating the device requires a two-factor authentication of sorts, half the team has one half of the code while the other half knows the second part. Whoever did this clearly knew that. Your mission is the locate the device and the Special Forces soldier being held hostage. Rescue the hostage, but the SADM must be secured. This is a no-fail mission.

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August: 10th – 13th, Sept: 14th -17th