From the whole CIV_GRP team. We thank you for joining us on a journey to find what you are made of.


If you have any questions at all about the experience or what to expect, start here and if there are any more questions please feel free to reach out to us through email,


What to expect: 

– Almost all of our classes will require normal civilian clothing, if there is anything that requires special equipment we will let you know in advance or most likely provide it for you. 

– Whether you are doing this by yourself, with you family, your friends or your coworkers you will be able to handle anything we throw at you. 

– There will be no guns unless you are a CIV_GRP member and have passed our safety class. All simulated combat or direct action will be done with airsoft and/or simunition. 

–  The first two days of most weekends are class based. You will get out in the world to learn about what the bravest men and women do and how they go about their jobs in as much detail as we are legally allowed. 

– Our goal here is not to turn you into a Spec Ops soldier but to give you a taste and appreciation of what our elite military units do, and to give those in our armed forces a place to land 

 – Depending on the class selected you will be given a CIV_GRP kit to take with you.