Blue Light: America’s First Counter-terrorism Unit

BLUE LIGHT: AMERICA’S FIRST COUNTER-TERRORISM UNIT Blue Light: America’s First Counter-Terrorism UnitJack Murphy On a dark night in 1977, a dozen Green Berets exited a C-130 aircraft, parachuting into a very different type of war. Aircraft hijackings had become almost commonplace to the point that Johnny Carson would tell jokes about the phenomena on television. […]

Civ_grp: Founder Spotlight Jack Murphy

Civ_grp: Founder Spotlight Jack Murphy When asked what daddy does for work my daughter replies, “types on computer.” When pushed for details about what I really do she says, “punches in faces.” I like the second answer better but the first is more accurate. The punches in faces part is something I used to do […]

Civ_grp Threat Assessment: Electro Magnetic Pulse

CIV_GRP THREAT ASSESSMENT: ELECTRO MAGNETIC PULSE The invasion of Ukraine by Russia has re-ignited concern about the threat of nuclear war. Some have warned of worst-case scenarios, claiming that if Vladimir Putin does not get his way in Ukraine, Russia could use nuclear weapons against its adversary, potentially pulling in more countries. Even if it […]

Donation Spotlight: National Coalition For Homeless Veterans

Donation Spotlight: National Coalition For Homeless Veterans With almost all of our team having served our country or whose family has in one way or another, we feel strongly that our service members deserve better. The one thing we can all do is help those who served get back on their feet with a roof […]

What Can High Performing Teams Learn From Military And Intelligence Professionals?

What Can High Performing Teams Learn From Military And Intelligence Professionals? Civilian business leaders have a lot they can learn from our nation’s most elite special operations and intelligence professionals. With their no fail missions and large scale operations around the globe they have a lot on their plate and have to be effective 100% […]

What Is Civ_Grp?

WHAT IS CIV_GRP? Following the economics of both war and business, many veterans of the Special Operations and intelligence community have retired from their service to their country and struck out in the private industry. These endeavors are wide-ranging from security work, teaching marksmanship classes, mentoring corporate CEOs in leadership skills, and much more. We […]

Non-basic Training

Non-basic Training In the military training always has to be “basic.” What does basic mean? Well, that’s highly debatable. Some people consider the basics to be the fundamentals of marksmanship that every soldier learns in their initial entry training. Others think complex multi-phase unconventional warfare campaigns are basic. All training has to be basic, and […]

How to Build Your Squad and Who You Need in It

HOW TO BUILD YOUR SQUAD AND WHO YOU NEED IN IT In the words of motivational speaker Jim Rohn: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” The people you spend the most time with shape who you are. They determine what conversations and topics dominate your focus. They affect […]