About Us

What Is Civ_Grp

Have you ever wished you could experience rescuing a hostage or defusing a bomb? Consider competing against the nation’s most top SOF and intelligence experts. As a child, did you genuinely desire to be James Bond or a G.I. Joe?

Enter CivGrp: an organization that immerses candidates in real-world training settings while simultaneously teaching you the necessary skills you need to confront any problem with confidence. And by any obstacle, we mean anything from a difficult assignment at work to a life-threatening circumstance. We will assist you in achieving your goal of perseverance in turbulent times.

Our personnel has served for years in some of the most demanding departments and organizations in the United States government. They will serve as an introduction to missions.

Experiences include scenario-based training, gear outfitting, and personal teaching, as well as unique adventures in which you carry out the full operation, including planning, intelligence gathering, analysis, and direct action missions in which you are the one breaking the door in.


The majority of our team is comprised of former military and intelligence people. Our major goal is to create more capable citizens. However, our second objective is to guarantee that retired military and other professionals who have served our country obtain the contacts they need to find employment or establish their own businesses. The eradication of veteran homelessness is our top goal as well as reintegration and support of our service members and their families.